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2012-03-16 00:38:00 Dogsitting I thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks :)
2012-03-23 06:40:09 Roommates: Ch2- Flirting, Drinks, & Sex Excellent :) but Norah needs to ditch Tino and get with Derek.. there's too much chemistry there to ignore it.
2012-03-26 02:41:08 Handyman I felt that some parts were a little dragged out but over all I enjoyed the story. I know its fictional but I wish I could find a guy who loved to eat pussy that much lol.
2012-03-27 23:21:20 Verde County Wow, that was incredibly sexy. Great job!.. I loved it ;)
2012-03-28 00:35:09 The Traffic Stop I loved the story, I had a great time reading it, thanks! ;)