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2011-09-29 02:08:45 I Did My Brother II I love your stories, one of the best around. Just one suggestion though. I would stop using the same charcter names in your stories.
2011-09-29 14:13:42 I love my son Daniel Thanks everyone. I will get Chapter 2 out ASAP and edit and repost this one.
2011-09-29 19:43:25 I love my son Daniel Chapter 2 and edited Chapter one will be up tonight.
2011-09-29 21:56:43 Moms helping out. I like the story line but there's no character build up of any kind. I would add that and some more details next story. Again great story line.
2011-09-30 00:12:54 I love my son Danile (edited repost) Thank you. Now that you mention it he does act a bit younger than he actually is. Love the constructive criticism. :D