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2011-10-18 06:08:18 First visit to a sex party. Why did the wife go from she to you?
2011-10-18 14:42:26 Coping with Retirement, part 4 - Lettie's Brother I prefered it when it was just David and the girls. Personally i think adding the brother ruined it.
2011-10-18 19:49:16 I can't make out what most of this is supposed to say
2011-11-02 23:22:28 Born to be Bad, One family member at a time Make the paragraphs smaller so there isn't just a huge wall of text
2011-11-11 02:01:51 Broken Bliss CH 6 You write some of the best stories on XNXX. If they weren't so explicit you could probably sell them as short erotic novels.