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2011-10-03 03:29:56 The new neighbours (part 1) i understand and i will certanly write the next part on my laptop :)
2011-10-03 18:06:09 I saw you all along ;) i have decided against incest for my next on i will publish one or two more today because i have a few saved on to a pendrive and please leave pos rating
2011-10-03 18:38:28 Its about time sorry but the person who gave me a neg may i ask why? :(
2011-10-03 18:43:45 I saw you all along ;) by no more do you mean just this story or others aswell because i know i had some poor grammer in this story and im sorry for that but some of my other storys are good
2011-10-04 10:29:57 I saw you all along ;) im going to delete this story so if any one wants to take it please be my guest im going tontake it of later today tell me though before you take it