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2011-10-05 01:08:31 Mom's Kids 2 Oh man, that's a good story. Just recently started reading stories like this and I can't stop getting hard... PLEASE continue the story! Please?
2011-10-08 01:17:44 The Motel california Nice story! Hey, as a personal request, could you make a story where Jack and Lucy get their bodies back? Please?
2011-10-08 01:33:53 The Rush Jeez... This is a quality story. Unique, well-paced, fluid and descriptive. I give it a 9.5 out of 10, and the .5 is for not making a continuation yet....
2011-10-08 01:43:11 Alex's Unusual Story -Part One- We Are Legion PLEASE keep writing this story! It's pretty good. Much better than alot of the stories I've read so far.
2011-10-08 01:51:09 The Rush pt. 2 Ok, I stand corrected. You have made a new one and you DEFINITELY made the best series that I've read.