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Favorites of Kopey

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 1 (long) Dark Fantasy 48643 times. 85.4 % Body modification, Death, Erotica, Extreme, Violence
Afican Slave Queen (Jungle Kidnap) Dark Fantasy 149670 times. 82.4 % Body modification, Domination/submission, Fisting, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Toys
B-Movie babefest (part1 of4) Science-Fiction 50985 times. 71.1 % Alien, Body modification, Coercion, Girls domination, Non-consensual sex, Rape
Journey's End Fantasy 29823 times. 68 % Bi-sexual, Body modification, Cock & ball torture, Female Domination, Humiliation, Sado-Masochism
Filthy femdoms: forced oral Fantasy 46371 times. 77.1 % BDSM, Body modification, Mind Control, Sado-Masochism, Scatology, Torture
Lisa - The Birth & Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig Dark Fantasy 128454 times. 86.7 % Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Female / Girl, Fisting, Hardcore, Incest, Lesbian, Male / Females, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Threesome, Virginity, Water Sports/Pissing, Young
The First Night in Hell Part 1 Dark Fantasy 61554 times. 89.3 % Bondage and restriction, Humiliation, Male / Females, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Violence
Milk Slave Dark Fantasy 56535 times. 80.6 % Drug, Group Sex, Lactation, Rape, Slavery
Victoria's Secret (Not the Lingerie): The beginning Fiction 17502 times. 87.6 %
Victoria's Secret (Not the Lingerie): The Beginning Fantasy 75162 times. 90.4 % Anal, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Mind Control, Monster
Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls Science-Fiction 75549 times. 91.7 % Body modification, Males / Females, Mind Control
Fantasy 1 Fantasy 64854 times. 89.3 % Anal, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Group Sex, Oral Sex, School, Threesome, Toys
The Amethyst Chronicles: Council Retreat Day 1 (read this version, it has paragraph breaks) Fiction 9975 times. 78.3 % Anal, BDSM, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Domination/submission, Group Sex, Hardcore, Oral Sex, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Written by women
Reading Allowed, Pt.1 Fiction 71796 times. 91.4 % BDSM, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Erotica, Humiliation, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Spanking
Deal with the devil Fiction 177420 times. 89.8 % Alien, Bestiality, Body modification, Boy, Cruelty, Extreme, First Time, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Masturbation, Mind Control, Monster, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestite, Violence, Virginity
Alien Encounters Dark Fantasy 38946 times. 90.1 % Alien, Body modification, Male/Female, Monster, Reluctance, Slavery, Written by women
a girl and her tentacle monster Dark Fantasy 137460 times. 90.4 % Alien, Anal, Asian, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Female / Girl, Female/Female, Incest, Lesbian, Transgendered, Virginity, Young
Zero Chronicles ch. 1 Dark Fantasy 22503 times. 89.6 % Body modification, Domination/submission, Female Domination, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Teen Female/Teen Female, Transgendered, Violence, Virginity
Kidnapping New Whores Dark Fantasy 76218 times. 48.9 % Bestiality, Black, Bondage and restriction, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Death, Domination/submission, Drug, Extreme, First Time, Incest, Male Domination, Murder, Older Male / Female, Pregnant, Rape, Slavery, Snuff, Wife, Young
Bus Ride - Part 1 Dark Fantasy 52569 times. 88.7 % Anal, Authoritarian, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Group Sex, Males / Female, Plumper, Rape
Suzi is Rebuilt as a Sex Toy ch 01 Dark Fantasy 51870 times. 81.9 % BDSM, Body modification, Domination/submission, Extreme, Humiliation, Latex fetish, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Slavery
The Invasion(part 1?) Fiction 51333 times. 89.1 % Alien, Anal, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Rape
My Cousin, My Slut Dark Fantasy 91569 times. 87 % Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Female/Female, Girls domination, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Male / Females, Slavery, Teen, Threesome, Toys
Angel: Destroyed by Dad - parts 1 and 2 Fiction 182679 times. 85 % Anal, Bestiality, Cruelty, Extreme, First Time, Humiliation, Incest, Male/Teen Female, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Teen, Water Sports/Pissing, Young
MOM WANTS TO BE MY CUM BUCKET! - CHAPTER 1 Fiction 511656 times. 94.1 % Anal, Female exhibitionist, Incest, Male / Older Female, Oral Sex
The Plane Crash. Fiction 145869 times. 93.3 % Anal, Bestiality, Coercion, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Female/Female, Incest, Lactation, Male Domination, Pregnant, Teen Male / Teen Male, Teen Male/Teen Females, Threesome, Young
Nadia the Nymphomaniac - The Beginning Fiction 114615 times. 86.9 % Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Interracial, Males / Female, Older Male / Female, Pregnant, Virginity, Young
The Breaking of Tracy part 1 Dark Fantasy 88392 times. 87.8 % BDSM, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination/submission, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Slavery, Snuff
Amy, Chap 1 Science-Fiction 162870 times. 95.7 % First Time, Virginity, Young
Changes Fiction 28860 times. 89.7 % Bestiality, Body modification, First Time, Older Male / Female, Romance, Slavery, Young
Elle's Revenge Science-Fiction 80604 times. 91.2 % Alien, Body modification, Female / Girl, Female Domination, Monster, Rape, School, Transgendered, Transsexual
Elle's Revenge 2 Poem 55857 times. 81.1 % Alien, Body modification, Female / Girl, Lesbian, Monster, Pregnant, Teen, Transgendered, Transsexual
Walk Like an Animal I: If it Walks Like a Duck Fiction 48738 times. 90.9 % Bestiality, Body modification, Transgendered
Samantha N379 pt 1 Fantasy 33330 times. 91.7 % Body modification, Lactation, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex
Slaveling Dungeon Fiction 36471 times. 36.4 % Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Death, Discipline, Domination/submission, Extreme, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Male Male/Teen Female, Male/Teen Female, Males / Female, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Slavery, Spanking, Teen, Violence, Water Sports/Pissing, Young
Teacher Student Confidentiality Fiction 69474 times. 88.3 % Anal, Ass to pussy, Black, Blowjob, Drug, Female / Girl, Female Domination, First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Lesbian, Mature, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance, School, Teen Female Solo, Teen Female/Teen Female, Toys, Transgendered, Young
Working Girl Fiction 34812 times. 82.8 % Anal, Ass to pussy, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Female / Girl, Female Domination, Female/Female, First Time, Hardcore, Interracial, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Prostitution, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Slavery, Teen, Teen Female Solo, Teen Male / Female, Threesome, Transgendered, Transsexual, Young
Malleable Fantasy 22182 times. 91.3 % Body modification, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Transgendered
Cecilia Dark Fantasy 34638 times. 91.2 % Alien, Body modification, Domination/submission, Transgendered
Alice's Wonderland Fiction 43440 times. 91 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Oral Sex, Rape, Transgendered, Transsexual, Virginity, Written by women
Payback is a Dick Fiction 104442 times. 90.8 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Girls domination, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Lactation, Male / Female Teens, Male/Female, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, School, Teen, Teen Female/Boy, Threesome, Transgendered, Transsexual, Violence, Written by women
Sara and the New Family Member Fiction 15093 times. 95.3 % Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Girls / Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Teen, Teen Female/Teen Female, Transgendered, Virginity