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Very sexual, also have written about some of my escapades in the stories section. Check'em out!
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Texts of fmfngy

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Uncle gives me a surprise True Story 55590 times. 87 % Anal, Group Sex, Incest, Male/Teen Female, Written by women
Foster dad True Story 42831 times. 92.5 % Older Male / Female, Teen
My brother keeps me company True Story 41484 times. 82.4 % Anal, Incest
Uncle teaches me a lesson True Story 63372 times. 86.8 % Incest, Older Male / Female, Teen, Written by women, Young
My first time with Uncle (Pt.1) True Story 64443 times. 92.3 % First Time, Incest, Young
Wife and brother work out True Story 40785 times. 90.5 % Incest, Threesome, Wife
My wifes first time Pt.1 True Story 22533 times. 79.1 % First Time, Wife, Young
My wife takes on three True Story 29115 times. 77.9 % Wife

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