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2014-07-20 02:44:21 My Girlfriends Daughter OH WOW !!! Made me very wet reading this. Is kind of like how was with my brothers, and dad. Please write more to this story. I can't wait makes me so horny.
2011-10-14 23:19:36 Oh God !!!!!!!!! Your story is soooooo hot LeahI can't wait for part number 5
2011-10-28 22:32:53 mom was a pedophile Mmmmmmmmmmm that would be great to do to a young son. Made me so wet and horny reading this. Kind of what my daddy did to me .... only I would like to do with a young son. Please write more.
2011-11-02 19:30:35 Daddy luvin Oh Yesssssssss, A very good story. Makes me wet and horny. My Daddy fucked me when I was 11, and we still have fun doing it today. I have always loved the way he has loved me, very careing, very hot, very sexual .... you are so lucky Mindtrip to have a loving Daddy like you have. Would enjoy hearing the other kinky things you do, like me and my Daddy do( He is very kinky also).
2011-11-16 20:05:13 My game at the game Oh Yvonne, what a hot hot story. Made me very wet. I love to be used liked that in a public place, to be the very center of attention. Your story was very good. Thinking I may need to try that sometime. Thank you.