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2011-11-22 05:11:30 Bait and Switch Ch. 03 A 'wet pussy' switch?? Itch switch?? Too many, too easy. Now you have plenty of positives it's time to make a bit of room :)

As for Mr self-rating RJX tuffest critic - wowee @@ lol
2011-11-22 12:23:08 She's a Runner, Rebel, & a Stunner: Chapter One Well I voted it as it starts so well but it's not joined up is it? The bit being caught by daddy is so real & great writing, it's a waste to go to a vampire fantasy. And the end needs to follow from the beginning so being chucked out leads to something that wouldn't happen otherwise plus something that'd only happen between 2 sex-mad girls :))

Too short obviously I expect you know.

REALLY hope you keep writing as you're so sexy with it just get your plot together babe :) xx
2011-11-23 03:47:23 She's a Runner, Rebel, & a Stunner: Chapter One (Edited) Different feel from the first one, doesn't work as well for me :(
Only me I expect but bored by another brother/sister story, and the old hairbrush start was fun, then w Carolina I was really looking forward to some girlie action :)

Also I just ask if dad is sooo uptight would he really pull the cover off and be talking about it, + telling her bro? For me if he's uptight he has to just catch her OR if he pulls the cover off (which I love!! It nearly happened to me!) then he has to be a perv/fun guy subconsciously wanting her. And now it doesn't lead so much one thing to the next.

Still think your style is great and want you to keep writing so I voted it ;)
2011-11-23 12:57:07 Into The Depths Of Madness Sorry the girl being raped to death because she worn skimpy clothing is pure shit. By college friends yeh sure. And as for the instant love that doesn't work either, kind eyes of the mass killer @@.
2011-11-26 10:11:21 Rich Sado Girl 2 Hehehe, fantastic!!!!

More PLEASE :)

But keep Rose in charge, definitely. I will hate it if the man ends up on top.