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2011-12-27 06:02:27 Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!

Yes there are some later chapters now, thanks to you, you can get to them using my profile link at the top of the page.
2011-12-28 11:33:50 Thanks for the comments! There are more chapters in this series, you can get to them with my profile link at the top of the page :)
2011-12-29 06:00:57 Cat girl Charity - A personal invitation to dance Awesome poetic writing again! So sensuous, and just that bit challenging. Wonderful.
2012-01-02 16:30:11 Cat girl Charity - of interrupted love Terrific tale again, really creative! I love all the hands too, that's so sensual.
2012-01-08 05:47:26 Lucy the Zookeeper Great fun!! Thank you :)