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2011-10-20 09:19:17 Playing Wifey This was a great story that really turned me on! So I am putting on my bright red lipstick and slutty eye makeup right now and driving to a highway rest stop to give any available men a blow job just like the twink in the story. It will be great feminine fun to see how much cum I can swallow today!
2011-10-20 09:59:16 Deeper Really well written erotic prose! I loved the way it started with some immediate hot action and drifted back and forth between hot tranny sex and the author's deeply rooted feminization process! This story got me hot and stimulated my little clitty penis....I and going to get pretty and find a man to fuck my pink, moist asshole "cunt" until he fills me with his love juices. Then I will suck him clean to get all of his cum in my red-lipsticked, pouting mouth and find another man who will kiss me and use me as a she-male woman! Thanks for the insipration!
2011-10-20 10:42:56 -----CUNT------ I agree, very well written; I am cleaning up the cum on my long red-manicured left hand by sucking, slurping and swallowing my white love juices into my feminized pouting red-lipsticked girl mouth and enjoying the wonderful taste as they flow down my slender, feminine neck and throat. Yummie! I can;t wait for my trip to a few highway rest stops later today so I can give an exciting blow job just like the one in the story to any and every traveler and truck driver who will open their door for me! It was a great story for sissy girls like me.....XXOO.....Vickie
2011-10-21 08:44:07 The Story of Tim to Jennifer Part 3 A perfect description of the depraved and perverted yet soft and feminine sexuality that all of us she-males crave and love. The blow-job, two-men cumming full and deep in her ass-hole cunt, and fucking the attorney's wife with her 7 inch clit were wonderfully descriptive and give me great ideas for tonight's Friday night fun! I will transform into my sluttiest, cum sucking whore look, with 7 inch platform heels, red-lipsticked, pouting, collagen enhanced lips, Vegas showgirl eye-make-up with eyelash extensions with heavy mascara and eye-liner, two inch red-manicured nail extensions, my 20 inch waist corset and 42 inch DD silicone push-up bra supporting my jiggly hormone enhanced she-male breasts, framed by my low cut, skin tight backless black spandex ultra-mini dress, perfectly accented by tons of rhinestone bracelets, rings, bracelets, anklets, multiple dangling earrings and neck adornments, with my platinum blonde, highly teased, slut wig! My black boyfriend and I plan to have fun