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2011-10-26 07:45:20 Daddy luvin i'm 62 and i took my daughters virginity when we were younger there is nothing like it i,m hard and wnking just thinking of it. write note pls
2011-11-24 14:11:29 Like Old Times Great story I contacted an old school friend and I've still got the taste of his cum in my mouth. Thanks I wouldn't have considered it without you
2011-11-24 14:27:34 Me and my Neice and Nephews Got a hard on reading that but I want more please.
2012-02-21 09:15:55 Visit to Aunt April's House (ch.1-4) fantastic story I can't wait for the next episode
2012-06-19 10:30:45 Harry Potter And The Asses Of Fire Gave me a hard on just thinking of fucking Hermionie, but would have been better if D and H had fucked the boys asses.