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Date Story title Comment
2012-05-24 19:35:41 Housesitting: Day 0 - Ch. 9: The Wrong House Parts 1 & 2: Love & Rape I liked your stories to this point; however, I did not read this one because I do not like rape stories.
2012-05-26 21:45:52 The Sneaky Stepson Good story, and I hope that the husband realizes what he is missing.
2012-05-28 14:38:26 Fucking Kevins Little Brother (Mark Saga) Good story, and you peaked my interest. I am anxiously waiting on your next chapter.
2012-05-28 21:07:06 My boys sammy and nick You should have made the boys a little older. The ages are way to young for any kind of sex.
2012-06-02 21:23:40 A Game of Inches - Part Eight This is one of the best series that I have read on here, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I hope to see the next one soon.