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2011-10-29 16:31:48 with my little brother OK story, considering English must not be your primary language. So . . . when did your brother get you pregnant?????
2011-12-18 11:31:09 My new bride The Story is good - but without enough backgroiund. I myself have trouble proofreading my work - but yours definately needs proofreading. The use of "To' for "Two" for instance . . . .and you don't put thew "Hood Down" on a convertable, you put the "Top Down". And then there is the confusion about whom is speaking? You got good ideas . but need to clean it up. And for God's sake, publish so there is space between the paragraphs - it's doable. Keep up the good work.
2011-12-24 18:11:27 Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake Chapt 28-35 Well of course I know the difference between the 'Pubic' Bone and the 'Public Bone' . . . . the Public Bopne is what you get when you read my work! Seriously though, this is the problem with Spell Check. . . . if it is a REAL word, it doesn't pick it out. As I said before, proof-reading my own work is a problem.
2012-01-02 00:22:11 Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake Chapt 1-27 (Revised) Boner, not Bonner, huih? Yet another word that wasnt in Spell-Check! I'll add it :)