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2011-10-30 04:55:10 rich boys love 47 I am a girl and I love y'all two I wish I had some friends like y'all ur love is so pure I have a boyfriend of 4yr and have a baby boy bout 3 and I wish he loved me as much as y'all love each other
2011-10-30 19:57:53 rich boys love 47 I hope u put more on here and bout ur brother I think u should try but give ur self time my family did some bad things to me and and u know the say forgive and forget me ill for give but I'm never going to forget my thing is u do it once u r more and likely to do again but try is the key word I hope y'all r haveing a good life I don't know y'all but I wish I did I love y'all two
2011-11-02 03:18:16 richboys love 38 The las comment was by sn0wf1ake_91
2011-11-02 22:50:01 rich boys love 39 Thats really nice he loves you so much
2011-11-05 22:44:03 rich boys love 39 I hope you put more storys on here can't wait