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2011-12-13 14:48:36 ARCHERY TRAINING @ Anonymous reader 2011-12-13 14:01:52, 14:02:16, & 14:02:22
I'm just curious is all, as to why you copied and pasted parts of my story on the comments and then you commented the number of times the story was read and what it was rated as along with the number of votes.
2011-12-13 14:55:15 Chemistry I still love reading this one and I agree with Anonymous reader 2011-12-11 05:10:07 about wanting to read a sequel.
2012-01-31 12:29:38 On a Moonlit Night, Wishes May Come True Beautifully written and I have to admit that I started crying while reading this wonderful story. You really are an amazing writer and I hope that you will honor the world with a sequel. Most may not understand but this story really reflects what matters most when it comes to forgiveness.
2012-06-15 00:45:46 GOTHIC AMY AND ME ALTERNATE ENDING Damn Good Job!! I love it. ^^