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2011-12-30 09:52:45 Night Skies Hi! Sorry, I was working in another story. I'll work on the second part and I'll post it next week, ok? Thanks for your comments!
2012-01-02 06:19:18 Night Skies Don't worry, I'm already doing that in my new texts. I was still getting used with this board and the way it ignores all my accents ¬¬
Sorry about these text blocks... Next will be easier to read. Thanks for the comment!
2012-01-09 12:01:44 Santa's Perverted Helper ( or Susie Learns What Happens To Naughty Girls ) I loved it! Sweet story!
2012-01-12 08:44:48 Different Love - Part II Hi! Thanks for all your comments.
As for Part III, I'm kinda stuck writing Night Skies - Part II, so I'll start writing Different Love - Part III this friday and next week, probably monday or tuesday I'll post it, but I can't say exactly.
2012-01-16 09:12:59 Oh my... The story I liked the most so far! I love it.
Thanks for writing it Glacialis.