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2012-05-24 10:28:32 Michelle Part 2 Another great installment, I loved it! I'm reading the others for sure. I've never read a story that made me actually be on her place, damn... Thanks for sharing this!
2012-06-20 08:28:56 The Midnight Shade Oh my gosh, that was good! Reading the second one for sure!
2012-07-14 08:44:29 The Life Saver Anonymous reader
2012-07-14 03:39:17

First, I shouldn't be answering someone who comment as Anonymous, as your lack of honesty bothers me and I shouldn't be considering what you say. I'm not new at it, I learned english by myself and I'm not good at it. I dare you to write in portuguese, using a lot less words than you have in your normal vocabulary, then you tell me. Thanks for the comment anyway.
2012-07-14 08:46:27 The Life Saver And just to clarify, there is no plot to go on, as I made it to be a one part story.
2012-07-21 14:40:00 The Life Saver came2blieve
2012-07-21 13:06:29

Thanks. I'm a depressive person myself, so I just changed a little the point of view, as I'm not her. But let's just say I'm very experienced on the whole subject this story approaches. I plan on using both characters in another story, but not as a direct sequel.