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2012-07-25 08:05:46 The Life Saver Anonymous reader
2012-07-24 16:31:00
That...was...Legend...wait-for-it...DARY!!!!!! Loved it!!!!

"Kids, in the summer of 2012 I loved a comment" lol
2012-07-25 16:15:09 The Life Saver Lalagrl44
2012-07-25 14:49:50

First of all, thanks for the support ;)
I'm kinda in love with this story myself, so I'm really struggling to think about a sequel that doesn't spoil what I already have - and that's not purely based on sex scenes...
I don't mind about you writing a sequel, as long as you specify that it is an alternative sequel. You can message me for details if you want.
Thanks again!
2012-07-26 09:41:48 The Horror At The Bruja House Hot as hell, Steve! But she does remind me of someone... It must be my imagination ;)
2012-07-26 10:37:03 Kidnapped, tortured and raped (1) I little more gory that I'm used to, but I loved it. Don't mind about some sucker criticizing it, stupid can't read "Stockholm Syndrome" amongst tags...
2012-08-14 11:00:51 The Life Saver raineing
2012-08-14 07:05:20
That last comment was mine. Didn't realize I wasn't logged in.

First of all, thanks.
I know the reason she had not to jump is merely fictional and that it's not a reason strong enough to stop someone as depressed as her, or you... Or me, if I hadn't lost mine before my attempts. What made me insist on this was made her suddenly fond of him. Mark was the reason, not necessarily the sex. Anyway, I hope someday you get control over yourself and stop thinking about dying. I managed to do it changing my life absolutely, living with other people, in other place and doing another job. It still haunts me? Yes, but not enough to make me do something stupid as trying suicide again. I wish this luck to you.

Thanks again.