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2013-01-01 14:07:03 Be Careful What You Wish For I apologize for the lack of indention... I indent when I post, but for some reason it doesn't stay indented after I publish. Any hints on how to fix that would be welcomed.
2013-01-02 16:37:22 Be Careful What You Wish For Because this story did so surprisingly well, I have opted to write the second half for you guys. I plan on implementing as many of your suggestions as possible, so post any you have on this story and see if they make the cut in the finished product. The first half I wrote for my own entertainment... The second half shall be for the fan base of these kind of stories. Readers, like myself. So post your suggestions. Do it soon! I plan to begin writing shortly. Thanks for all the support.
2013-02-16 17:07:07 Be Careful What You Wish For To the guy who said that there was only one paragraph: First of all thank you for reading my story and giving me feedback. I understand there is a lack of paragraphs in this story and that was not my intention. I apologize. Second, You are wrong. This story is broken up into chapters and the chapters have distinct breaks. So saying there is only "one paragraph" isn't exactly correct. Anyways... You'll be happy to know I fixed the problem in "Part Two." So if you liked this story go check out the sequel! If I get enough positive feedback, I will make a Part Three. Thank you.
2013-02-16 17:11:17 Be Careful What You Wish For (Part Two) This is part 2... If you want to read part 1 just click on my name! Enjoy.
2013-02-16 17:30:09 Be Careful What You Wish For (Part Two) Part 3 will likely be the last part... and I plan to pull out all the stops. But only if part 2 meets the readers expectations and holds up to part one. I did my best to fix all the problems from part one and make a good sequel. Let me know if I accomplished my goal.