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2012-09-06 16:01:16 My sweet, sweet Daddy part 2 that was such a hot story
2012-10-18 08:42:35 Walking in the desert would love to hear what happened next
2012-10-21 18:29:51 Host family you have my attention now let's finish it
2012-10-22 08:39:28 Forced Family I think the guys leave the family where they are the dad finds something to fix the hose they travel on to the cabin and there they find a gun the dad and son go looking for the men and find them all drinking at the house where they were held up.there they tie up the men cut off their cocks and let them bleed to death.
2012-10-28 10:19:48 Wake up baby girl: Part four fantastic story read all four it reminds me so much of my oldest daughter we did everything but have sex which I regret I love her so much.she's 45 now and on her own