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2011-11-27 11:07:44 Blowing Rusty will suck a cock anytime anywhere
2011-11-28 12:16:20 Like Old Times my god I need some cock
2011-11-28 12:20:51 Like Old Times 4 a friend came over today didn't stay long but did stay long enough to give me a mouthful of cock and a bellyful of cum
2011-12-02 08:47:31 The Weekend had a friend once who got drunk with me I really had a thing for him
(he didn't know) after he passed out I pulled out the biggest cock I've ever seen and sucked him off, scaried he would wake up and be pissed I quit and put it back in his pants.
2011-12-18 09:11:19 never wanted my sister that way but my daughter now is another story