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2011-11-28 22:24:39 The mute girl 2 Part three is already up!!! ^.^ enjoy T.C.
2011-11-28 22:28:12 The mute girl 2 Part three is already up!!! ^.^ enjoy T.C.
2013-04-04 21:46:09 The mute girl 3 TO ALL MY READERS!
Readers, i am so grateful to all of you for reading my stories and staying tuned for more, the base of these stories were on my now ex gf, she was mute and unlike our heroin was more then raped by her father. Since our break up I've married, now a dad to be in one month (yay for squishy!) and happily workin two jobs and attending school to become a master mechanic, as you can see im pretty busy BUT i have great news. I have a new series im working on and will be released by may 1! I have taken all your request for a part four to heart but alas it feels weird writing a story based on an ex when im married. I hope all you will continue to read my shorts and full lengths to come. You can check out my other stories on wattpad as soon as i have my account ready! (Non adult) thank you all again for being faithful readers and keeping my stories up top! I PROMOSE MOT TO DISAPPOINT!
Keep reading, sincerely TC