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2011-11-29 23:58:04 Bait and Switch Ch. 09 @bigmix Are you kidding? If he is "cock hungry" he will be LIKING being a girl. The point of Derek becoming a girl is because of the shame. He was once a jock.

@The guy who said he should have died: Dying would be too good for him. What is worse, death or torture?
2011-12-02 01:20:22 Bait and Switch Ch. 09 (Edited) There were a few minor edits. Just use an online compare tool to compare the 2 and see them. (sorry, logged into my account)
2011-12-05 00:37:34 Bait and Switch Ch. 10 @ anon below:

hint, hint ;)

- Editor for Dark_Brother
2011-12-05 01:30:44 Bait and Switch Ch. 09 (Edited) @Dark_Brother

Didn't I say you should have explained that better? =D
2011-12-06 17:02:29 Bait and Switch Ch. 11 @The Anons who want it out faster:

I can't BELIEVE people are asking for these to be FASTER! Right now Dark_Brother is using ALL of his free time to right these stories and you want them FASTER? How selfish can you be? He is only doing this because he won't be able to write anymore after this series. He plans to publish every 2 days, but it was my fault for holding this up ONE day because my computer use is limited on the weekends. Nevertheless, these wouldn't be coming out so fast if Dark_Brother wasn't leaving. He is doing this for FREE and you are asking him to do it faster? Wow... /rant