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In a one-sided relationship with about 20 British actors. They've all got glorious butts. That's it.
Anything that explodes as a result of a chemical reaction.
I write slashy fangirly things. All day. Every day.

Texts of Versed

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Racing Minds Fiction 6555 times. 84 % Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Erotica, Fan fiction, Gay, Incest, Job/Place-of-work, Spanking, Toys, Written by women
Requested DM Faire Alt. Ending Dark Fantasy 4182 times. 74.1 % Death, Fan fiction, Monster, Written by women
The Darkmoon Faire (part 4) Fantasy 14559 times. 88.6 % BDSM, Bondage and restriction, Consensual Sex, Death, Domination/submission, Drug, Erotica, Fan fiction, Female Domination, Female/Female, Job/Place-of-work, Male/Female, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Spanking, Violence, Written by women
The Darkmoon Faire (part 3) Fantasy 12135 times. 90.9 % Fan fiction, Female solo, Masturbation, Rape, Teen Female Solo, Violence, Written by women
The Darkmoon Faire (part 2) Fantasy 7329 times. 83.3 % Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Written by women
The Darkmoon Faire (part 1) Fantasy 19674 times. 93.8 % Fan fiction, Job/Place-of-work, Male/Female, Written by women
Learning The Ropes Fantasy 9900 times. 81.3 % Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female Domination, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Virginity, Written by women
Eleven Fantasm 24537 times. 88.4 % Alien, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission, Fan fiction, Male/Female, Mature, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Written by women

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