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2011-12-01 01:37:59 'Twas the Night Before Rafting Wow - I really liked this one. Maybe make a sequel with Alan and Valeria?
2011-12-05 23:51:30 I've been searching for this series for FOREVER! I love the Dragon Tamer series so much. I've just made a profile recently so I never really had a chance to say so, unless I was just an "Anonymous". But anyway, thanks so much for writing them.
Squeee, Roscrow <3
2011-12-06 01:14:59 Eleven Oops. I actually didn't notice that until you pointed it out. Nice job xD
The iPad makes all sort of weird corrections with my words. Now I feel the need to edit it T-T
2011-12-08 17:11:56 A good WoW story deserves a purple title. *cough* I totally loved this!
Now if I wrote a WoW story I'd feel guilty for nabbing ideas. But anyway. Please write moar of these :D
2011-12-10 12:26:57 Gift Unwrapping This is a great story! And also, to the person who said something about the proof-reading; isn't it ironic that you misspelled caught in that?
>_> Hypocrite much.