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2012-03-08 03:45:45 Heather and the Biker Gang Fucking hot hot hot wish I was there can't wait for part 2
2012-03-08 13:11:11 Caught them at it part 3 great read i have a mate who has exp the thing . he has been confiding in me for advice which what i gave was very similar .his son is unaware of him knowing as his daughter keeps it secret and looks after them both .ive been encouraging my daughter to hang out with his daughter more as they have always been friends but being a year apart his just 16 mine just 15 they have difrerent group of friends but they are hanging more days of week than ever now and first sleep over this weekend hopefully my girl takes to being seduced and joins the fun with brother or dad .we have to take the girls to sydney the following weekend for a tournament just 2 dads and 2 daughters from thursday afternoon threw to tuesday night hope it all goes to plain will tell all if it does