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2012-01-19 03:44:41 Daddy luvin I can't explain how fathers fucking their daughters turn me on. One day when I have a daughter I also want to fuck her under the radar from the age of 12 until she is much older. You are so lucky!!
2012-06-04 06:19:40 Daddy cums home after work Could've made it a bit more believable. Chances of a guy not looking down and admiring his cock (and daughter) through a wanking session is very slim. She should've just surprized her dad with a mouth to his cock when she realized what he was watching...
2012-06-04 06:34:22 Daddy cums home after work Incest between a father and his young daughter is fucking awesome as long as it's consensual between both parties and as long as they don't make babies. The difference between having sex with just any old girl or your daughter is like the difs between night and day. So much more thrilling. The risk of being caught, not only as an underaged girl, but an underaged girl who fucks and maintains a sexual relationship with her father, is what makes it so desirable.