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2013-04-27 05:47:52 The Hunters become the hunted part 3 I am back to working full time and have little time for writing currently though I am working on some stories. Next chapter of this will be written as for when idk. As for the ***** that is there to show the shifts in perspective as I am writing a story in first person from two different perspectives which isn't easy so I added them for me and also to aid readers in keeping track
2014-04-01 03:22:13 Modern Mage Chapter 23 I am thinking of an Edit and Rewrite so that I can publish it. The movie thing could be awsome but I'd rather see it as a series done properly than rushing the entire tale into a two hour movie. As for Marcus, Johnny Noxville is older than the Character appears. With Arthur I don't know who I'd choose but it would need to be a hell of an actor to fill those shoes properly
2014-04-01 02:52:07 The Hunters become the hunted part 3 I've hit a wall for now on my writing, but working on a novel and maybe re-writing Modern Mage with the idea of publication in mind. I will continue this story as soon as I can
2014-08-30 10:15:34 Modern Mage - Chapter 9 Krypt, Nightslayer - Thank you for standing up for me but it was not needed. I asked for the feedback because I want to improve my writing and storytelling. The relationship between Andrew and Sindee is what it is and I will get better about writing characters only through the feedback I receive, I'm glad so many people enjoy the story as it is my first venture into writing
2014-08-30 09:37:35 Modern Mage Chapter 23 It is ended for now. I'm trying my hand at actually writing a book based around the concept of the hidden war I mentioned in the story as well as trying to keep the bills paid and moving cross country so it will be some time before you see anything else with this story or it's characters