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2012-08-10 13:12:56 Modern Mage - Chapter 6 I am writing it in Microsoft Office Word 2007, to correct most of the spelling errors I've gone back through repeatedly before posting. As for the Grammar issues, not all but some of them are intended. When the characters talk I want them to sound like real people, not William Shatner. Also the story is being told from the first person so some of the issues are the characters, this is why I never go into the thoughts of other characters. I have played Characters in the World of Darkness with a gaming group that has given me insight into the world. I haven't played in a while and want to find a group again. This particular tale came to me right before I started to write it, and I'm letting the story flow and direct itself instead of forcing it. That's why I'm taking my time between chapters right now, I want the story to unfold properly and with quality that a rush job would ruin. Thank you again for reading and keep the feedback coming.
2012-08-11 23:42:30 Modern Mage - Chapter 8 I knew that ending, while very appropriate for the tale and for me since I still need to make some choices as to the direction of the story was going to frustrate some. I'm hoping it doesn't get negative ratings just for the cliffhanger. There are obviously 2 main ways this story cab go from here, but there are also several side paths and options I've left myself. Don't think I've forgotten the letters from the earlier chapters. Some things I set up in early chapters will lead to blind turns and dead end while others are for much farther into the story. I'm glad you are enjoying the read.
2012-08-12 02:35:21 Modern Mage - Chapter 7 Never read anything about the Werelords though they sound interesting. As I said before, most of the inspiration for my story comes from the World of Darkness setting from White Wolf Games. The Werewolves had several tribes and there are other species as well. Everything from bears and large jungle cats to Spiders and sharks. There were also a few unusual species like crows and alligators. White Wolf has storylines for Mages, Were-creatures, Vampires, Mortal Hunters, Mummys and just about anything else you can imagine. My ispiration is from the Original Wold of Darkness not the relaunch, though I chage things, add some of my own and pull whatever comes to mind into the story. I'm glad that some of you are enjoying it
2012-08-12 15:25:30 Modern Mage - Chapter 8 When I said I wouldn't leave the readers Hanging, it was in reference to just stopping the story entirely. I've left unresolved issues in each chapter so far, and usually at the very end to give me a good starting point for the next one. I promise you I am working on the next chapter already though it may be a few days to a week before I post it as I have a lot to do for the story and job hunting as well.
2012-08-12 21:48:52 A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 4 Love the story and your writing style. Hoping to see and read more from you