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2012-08-13 12:17:06 Modern Mage - Chapter 9 I did proof read the entire document prior to submitting, I was exhausted at the time so I may have missed some issues. I am going to say thank you for letting me know about them., As for the gentleman that came to my defense, thank you as well. When I asked for comments, my concern was primarily for people opinions of the chapter and the overall story arch. That being said, feel free to comment what you think needs to be put in here. I wouldn't ask for the feedback if I couldn't take it or wasn't planning to consider it. Thank you again for taking the time to read my story.
2012-08-14 14:29:01 Modern Mage - Chapter 9 I guess now would be a good time to explain a little more about casting. A Spell or Rote is created by the a Mage and has a pre-determined effect. The particular rote in this chapter was created by a friend of mine for a game we played years ago. A mage can use anything for a Foci, from a symbol, a gesture even to specific words. However, no matter what the trigger, there must be intent behind the spell or Mages would be casting random spells all the time. I'm glad you got a laugh out of the invocation, we all did as well when he first used it.
2012-08-18 02:17:30 Pizza delivery break it up into paragraphs and a little more detail would be good. I liked the story but there are some improvements you can make. It is a worthy first attemp
2012-08-18 15:20:19 The Existence - Chapter 1 I'll be giving more detail soon, and I never said that the people that came in were Vampires. I just gave you a time of night that the people arrived. I'll be adding the detail in the next chapter before anything else happens. As for skipping the detail, I've had reader complain that I don't give enough just as often as too much so with the descriptions I'll keep the details. I'm setting up a story in chapters because I'm on here as much to practice my writing as to entertain the readers. Thank You for reading.
2012-08-20 02:20:14 Modern Mage - Chapter 2 (edited) To the Anonymous reader who doesn't seem to be a fan. You have a lot to say for someone not logged in or posting to the site. While I don't consider myself an excellent writer I am working on it. However, any writer must market to the intended audience in their writing and many readers want to see the aforementioned "Cum in Me" line. From the way you gripe about never hearing it, it comes across as something you want a partner to say to you. Personal Preference there. No I haven;t has a woman scream that for me, but I prefer the satisfied look in her eyes as we fall asleep from exhaustion to any amount of screaming she could do. My personal preference there.

As to your last line, if they require an IQ test to Post there should be one to comment and vote just the same.

To the other readers and posters I apologize for my rant, but some people do get on my nerves