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2012-08-20 21:08:35 Modern Mage - Chapter 12 I paused when I did because of a few reasons. First is the face that I was at eight pages in Word and the second is that what happens next is more important to the next chapter which I'm working on in my head than to this one. Besides, you want to know what happens in the next chapter now don't you?
2012-08-21 20:31:18 Modern Mage - Chapter 12 To the gentleman below with the Backhanded Compliment, I appreciate the fact that you like the story. However, you come across as more than insulting. What I do for a living is Technical Support. I work very hard and have earned what I have. As for the detail and fantasy world, I have already stated in several of the previous stories that much of my inspiration comes from old pen and paper RPGs that my friends and I played when we hung out instead of just sitting around watching tv or going out to spend money that was needed to pay bills and take care of family. So maybe next time you want to leave a compliment, try not to be more insulting than complimentary and maybe the person won't think of you as an asshole
2012-08-27 00:59:20 Modern Mage - Chapter 13 To clear up the confusion if there is some, the Nephandi aren't so much a new type as much as they are a faction. They use the same 9 spheres and powers of a normal Mage, the only difference is the change in power from avatar to infernal being. There are two other factions that will come into play over time. I already mentioned the Technocracy. They have a different view of Magick but still use the 9 spheres. They even have avatars, I'll explain the difference if and when I need to. The last group may or may not come into play and I'll cover then only if I need to at the time,
2012-09-01 03:11:35 Modern Mage - Chapter 13 I am working on the next chapter now. It's taking longer because there is so much to impart and I am having some difficulties working it the way I want to. The Existence may have some short stories added to it, the place is more of a setting than it's own tale. The Character Andrew my my actual player character in that game and the place started out as described in the introduction. The other staff members were my friends characters and as much as possible I am keeping their play style in the personalities you'll see from the staff members. I appreciate the following and those of you who have been patient with the delay.
2012-09-05 19:59:37 A Super Life – Chapter 3 Excellent story as usual from you Jade. I like that fact that she makes human mistakes as many "Hero" characters in stories are shown as morally superior and incapable of making the wrong choices. Keep writing.