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2012-09-06 22:32:01 Modern Mage - Chapter 15 It isn't the end of the story, just the end of the chapter. I write the end of chapter to flow into the next one. I like to leave myself with a starting off point in the story. No need to be pissed as i will be continuing to write chapters until I run out of story. I'll being the story to a proper close at that time.
2012-09-07 07:00:50 Modern Mage - Chapter 15 It is less about Cliffhangers as it is about leaving a good place for the next chapter to start from. I prefer to have them flow together rather than jump to entirely new subject at the start of a new chapter. If the story wasn't being told from the perspective on the main character it would make more sense to write a chapter about one group and have the next chapter focus on another.

As for "The Existence" I may tackle more stories there though I have nothing planned at the moment and I'm not completely sure I want to reveal too much in regard to the Hidden War as that may actually see print if I work up the courage to try for a published book. I have been working on an outline for a game based on the hidden war that could be converted into a book instead of used for Role Playing Game sessions.
2012-09-07 18:11:55 Modern Mage - Chapter 15 No I'm not a physics or PhD student. What I am is insanely curious and love to read anything that catches my attention. I read about Schrodinger's Cat when I was a kid in grade school. Linear Time Theory and Branching Universe theory I looked up seeing movies about someone going back and changing the past. I love to learn and will always continue in my curiosity.

If I write a book on the Hidden War it will be a novel not a gaming book. The particular system that inspired this tale is not in print any longer. The game company is still around but they have relaunched and changed the general theme of the system. I will post here and the forums if I do actually succeed in publishing a book.
2012-09-15 16:57:30 Modern Mage - Chapter 16 I'll admit to being a little distracted and that this feels like it could have been added to the last chapter. However i didn't realize when I started this chapter that I was going to be jumping ahead again by a fair period of time. I wanted to close of this portion of the story before introducing too many new characters and concepts all at once. I hope you'll all be around for my next section of the story when it is complete
2012-11-28 20:20:59 Modern Mage - Chapter 16 I apologize to all those who want more and have been waiting. I've been unable to get online recently due to employment issues and bills so as soon as I am back to full time work and am able to be online regularly I will continue to write and post more of the story. Please be patient as I have no intent to leave to work unfinished