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2013-01-29 17:15:25 Modern Mage Chapter 23 I do use a word processor with spelling and grammar editing. I also reread the chapters prior to posting them. Unfortunately, neither process is perfect. I will continue to work more on my editing. I am also putting serious consideration into attempting to write an actual book for publication based on some of my other ideas. As it stands, I've written, edited and posted all of this on my own. I don't have any support staff so to speak that would be able to look over and see what I missed. Thank you all for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. As for other stories involving these characters, maybe. Depends greatly on inspiration. If I do write and publish a book, it will not be in this fictional world but one I'll need to flesh out as the inspiration for this story came from a copyrighted role playing game universe with changes made to suit the story I wanted to tell.
2013-01-30 13:27:05 Modern Mage Chapter 23 If you all really want to know who the Nephandi that Andrew kept seeing was, let me know and I'll tell you. However, I think some of you may have been able to guess if you paid attention to much of the story. Remember I am a devil's in the details kind of person. I appreciate the following that the story has gotten and do plan to write some more. You may see some of these characters again and some you may not. I may come back to this group a few years down the line or on an alternate timeline. This is why I love to play around with Branching Universe Theory, Parallel Worlds and Multiple Planes of existence in my writing. They also make for interesting plot devices when running a game. For the publishing issue, contacted the copyright holder, they are not licencing any outside writers.
2013-02-01 14:58:05 Modern Mage Chapter 23 Since it won't spoil any plans for future stories in this world or with these characters i will tell you all who the Nephandi was as you are all quite familiar with him. The Nephandi was Andrew himself, the fall to becoming a Nephandi was because of losing Sindee. In each trip to the future, she was either gone or changes in some way from the person she was. The fact that he could use Magick in a world that no longer supported it was a clue. His assumption of being in two time streams was a guess as I had said in the story. Another clue was the Nephandi's source of power; as stated in the story Andrew was the only person who had ever found a way to get out of Todash on their own. After accomplishing that it would be easy to connect with one of the beings from there. The next clue was in his last vision with all of them dead, there was no Nephandi. The final clue, no vision for months after the Lich was defeated. The Lich was my Big Bad idea from the start
2013-02-03 04:45:36 Modern Mage Chapter 23 You're correct in that he was thanking Roarke, but it was for removing the Nephandi's enemy and nothing was said of Andrew specifically. I left that as a vague idea in order to mislead intentionally because even Andrew still doesn't know that the Nephandi he kept facing was himself. As it was a vision of a possible future and not an actual one since Roarke had already been defeated. It was more of a warning to Andrew that he needed to turn the hunter from the path he was walking and make a friend and ally out of him if possible. The reason the Nephandi version of Andrew was trying to kill him was insanity, the Nephandi was becoming a Marauder because of his inability to deal with the loss he suffered and seekings he went through to gain power. The thing to remember is that every vision Andrew had was a different branch of time and possibility. If your interested in better understanding this premise, look up Branching Universe Theory. It's an interesting read.
2013-02-13 23:38:52 The Hunters become the hunted This was meant to be tagged as non-erotic, not non-consent. That being said, thank you all for the feedback, please continue to comment or fend me PMs via the forum. I will most likely add to this and post some other short stories as time passes but I am actually finally writing the Hidden War book. Making some changes to the world as required to avoid copyright infringements from my original inspiration but the magick and supernatural denizens will be in the world. With my own twist to the nature of what they are.