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2013-02-15 23:06:30 Returning Chapter 01 I posted the previous message Broot, wanted you to know it wasn't anonymous. I got logged out in the time I took to read slowly. I normally read to fast to truly enjoy what I'm reading but you asked for reviews and advise so I'll give them to you
2013-02-16 00:01:00 Returning Chapter 02 Again, well written. Needs some punctuation beyond quotes and periods to make it more readable. Few spelling or word choice errors. Got to read the rest of them
2013-02-16 23:02:50 Mages practies Interest concept but you need to work on a number of areas. Your punctuation and word choice up front are the top two. You made contractions out of words that aren't and don't need to be such a meant. Take a little more time and be descriptive. You have the imagination to write, you just have to work on your technical skills. I'm not rating the story positive or negative because it is middle of the road as it is. If you want assistance from the authors on the site post the story into the Sex Stories forum and ask for constructive criticisms and you'll find some of the best authors on the site (CAW Winners and others from the Recommended Writers list) more than willing to aid you. All you have to do is first, ask; and second listen whether you like what is said or not. I am still working on issues in my writing and regularly ask for advice for Snowleopard3200, Ed Itor, Darthel01 and others and I may not like everything they say but I listen and adjust as I need to
2013-02-16 12:44:03 MInding Others, part 1 Good Start, be intested in seeing where this goes.
2013-02-17 19:17:47 To: Anonymous reader
2013-02-17 19:01:41
Hey, I hope I didn't offend.....

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