Comments from xtremejump

Date Story title Comment
2011-12-09 00:55:51 George and Lennie Snuff a Girl Maybe Lennie could put the next girl in the incinerator alive.
2011-12-15 20:54:25 White slavery or is it Really part 1 Good story, can't wait to read it all.
2011-12-16 02:29:00 A bumper harvest 1 I gave you a pos rating for plot, and tags, if you other assholes read this shit, don't be hypocrites, you are into the stuff. I agree with others your w riting is bad. Next, too much forensic evidence, even a mall cop could find your main character. (exaggerating a bit) I hope your next part is better.
2011-12-16 02:50:40 A bumper harvest part 2 Good promise, a little better, could use a little beefing up in the middle. The ending romantic in its own way. I find i could get off on it, even though I'm not into beastialiy. Positive vote
2011-12-16 23:42:38 A family of Newfound Sex Slaves: Part One No real incest, just humiliation and mental abuse to the little girls. Even though I do not condone child molesting and rape for real. I have real sanctioned caps for some.