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2012-03-05 02:47:11 All for Mr. Redman You truly are a wonderful writer. It is very surprising to think that this is your first erotic story ! I am very glad I found you tonight.... this story is also a teacher's fantasy come true! And, best of luck with your engagement and future.
2012-06-08 14:52:53 My Son and I Another excellent story from you !! MMMMM, thank you.
2012-07-16 16:05:10 Milking Kimberly Thank you so much for your excellent, very realistic story!
As others have said, it is great to read a story by someone
as accomplished ( and ,intelligent) as you! I will look for more.
2012-08-17 15:47:41 Seducing Daddy VERY well written. SO many could learn from you: they write endless stories, repeating the same phrases and scenarios,and they go on and on and on and on ( saying /adding nothing new..... pointless lenghth)
You wrote a succinct, exciting story. Kudos!!
2012-08-17 16:02:45 Blackmailing little sister MMMmmmmmmm,,again! To the other posters, THIS author doesn't
need suggestions ! She's a pro! WHatever she comes up with, we'll all love!