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2011-12-10 20:40:50 The Test Animal #69 hahahaha all I can do is lol, I said at the start I don't normally write such stories, the tags are very clear and you could always stop reading when ever you want. Once again LOL
2011-12-12 02:11:38 The Lesbian Next Door Thank you for your comments I will try and work on all of the above, the advise is well appreciated
2011-12-14 03:03:58 The Tutor and the Nymph Thanks LeahR.
Anonymous reader I will consider your advise for my next story but one of the reasons why I started to write my own stories is because I hate the fact that most stories out there have no closure, I guess I could keep these short endings to myself and if people want to know they could ask me.
2011-12-17 02:14:48 The Regretful Fuck with My Cousin As I was proof reading it I paid more attention to keeping a past or present point of view but now that I read it again I see what you mean. I think perhaps the problem was I used some personal experiences and tried to mix it with complete fiction, I will work on this.

I did not plan on writing a second part but I may consider it in the future.
2012-01-13 05:30:49 Die or Live to do a Porno Yeah I thought the ending was a bit depressing too but I think it ends the story nicely, glad you enjoyed it.