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2010-07-23 00:18:53 The Plane Crash Pt. 14 Sorry it took so long friends but I had to do some crap in real and I was having writers block... But you will be happy to know that part 15 is validating now and I'm working on part 16 now and I'm about 1/3 of the way though with it I think. Thank you all so much for reading.
2010-07-23 04:15:13 The Plane Crash Pt. 14 While I hope you indulge me with Part 15 and 16 which I just finished a little while ago, and its validating please be patient it should be coming out soon I'll try and look at part 17 and figure out what is going to happen next. CJ
2010-09-19 06:43:55 The Plane Crash Pt. 16 Right for those of you who are waiting part 17 is now in Validation which means that very soon it will be posted and you can read it and....I'm sure you will all have very exciting feedback for me. I'm sorry for the delay but sometimes life gets in the way of writing stories.
2010-09-23 19:03:27 The Plane Crash Pt. 17 Well crap I think I thought this was longer when I posted it
2010-09-30 02:54:27 The Plane Crash Pt. 17 Well happily part 18 is almost done so sooner rather than later. Hopefully you all will like that part as well.Someday soon there will be an escape from the island...