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2010-04-09 20:57:31 Passion Lot of questionable things in a historical was a fair story I suppose, the violence is fine but move on and use the same descriptions for your rape scenes.
2010-04-20 22:41:20 Homecoming part 3 & 4 The perspective is still screwy the premise is good one of these days when I have time I'll show you what I mean.
2010-05-05 23:00:44 VAGINAFEST - Chapter 1 Not too bad if I do say so myself...CJ
2010-05-05 23:09:11 Angelina’s Seduction and Brad’s Naked Surrender Very nicely done I liked this one too! CJ
2010-05-05 23:14:31 I agree this is very nice short and sweet and yummy good stuff.. CJ