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2010-03-26 20:52:14 The Plane Crash Pt.6 Thanks for all your support. I realize that there could be more action, and I skimped a few times but that is the price of plot movement and it would be only a mediocre story if I sacrificed the plot. I promise once the plot allows me to I'll pull out all the stops in the meantime please be patient, and thanks for reading
2010-03-27 16:06:46 The Plane Crash Pt.6 What you want me to Ruin the end and tell you what happens next? No no no but I appreciate the comments. The full text of this which I may post in full when I'm completely done writing it right now is right around 30,000 words. and to my l337 freind j00 dk wutz comin n3xt
2010-03-28 23:37:35 The Plane Crash Pt.6 Part 7 I just posted hopefully you all like it as much as part six give it about 3-4 days from the date of this post to appear. Thanks
2010-03-29 21:56:48 The Plane Crash Pt.6 Wow.... and Yes why not a flying boat? Look it up please and see if the IJN didn't have them if you can prove me wrong... Please do so.
2010-03-30 23:02:56 The Plane Crash Pt.7 Okay here you go I'm sorry it stops so abruptly but well you'll see