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2010-03-31 05:12:05 Moving brings Siblings Closer Nicely done but I might have left it open ended to expand on later.
2010-03-31 14:39:15 The Plane Crash Well let me just say that I'm not an English major. but I appreciate the criticism. if you can find someone to proof read for me or you want to let me know!
2010-04-01 03:45:21 The Plane Crash Pt.7 Part 8 is validating....
2010-03-31 19:12:10 The Plane Crash Pt.7 Honestly if you want to copy edit my stories, I'll be happy to let you I know I'm less than perfect in my writing I try but some of the mechanics are lacking I agree.
2010-04-01 21:11:18 Karen Very nicely written... excellent lead up that holds the reader and I liked the rest as well.