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2010-04-08 22:32:35 homecoming The story is good... The perspective leaves something to be desired. But nice for a first try
2010-04-09 01:06:49 The Plane Crash Pt.9 Thank you all for your comments and for reading thought you would like to know that the next installment chapters 35-39 is proving to be longer than I had expected please be patient with me I'll hammer it out as I can.
2010-04-09 20:57:31 Passion Lot of questionable things in a historical was a fair story I suppose, the violence is fine but move on and use the same descriptions for your rape scenes.
2010-04-11 04:42:37 The Plane Crash Pt.9 After thinking about it for a while I have opted not to make you all wait so the next three chapter installment should be coming out sometime next week. let me know what y'all think.
2010-04-12 14:36:58 The Plane Crash Pt.10 Thanks there reader I absolutely knew I was talking out of my ass at that point which is why I did my best to explain the concept without going into the math of it and it was necessary for proper navigation. Finding longitude is something only that I understand the theory of.