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2010-04-15 23:23:21 The Plane Crash Pt.10 Hi all my rabid readers just wanted you to know that I'm working on the next chapters... Had a bit of writers block that I needed to work through. Thanks so much for you comments they mean alot . Don't be afraid to contact me I'm happy to answer any questions or read anything you want me to read. That said I hope to have the next three or so chapters done by Wednesday coming.
2010-04-16 20:41:19 The Plane Crash Pt.10 I love you readers you are the best. but now that someone has done gone and pointed out the technical flaw... I can tie it in and not hurt the story. Two or three times zones is what only 30-45 NM. And it really wasn't about Time zones it was about Time Difference... which is entirely more important.
2010-04-16 20:46:12 The Plane Crash Pt.10 Oh and there is a thread in the stories forum that you can talk to me about stuff there... anything that's already happened no spoilers.
2010-04-17 10:35:18 The Plane Crash Pt.10 Well crap I'm going to have to give out bonuses now for people figuring out that I actually looked at a map before I decided on where I wanted this fictional story to take place... thanks for paying attention.
2010-04-20 22:41:20 Homecoming part 3 & 4 The perspective is still screwy the premise is good one of these days when I have time I'll show you what I mean.