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2009-11-10 17:02:57 Lucky dog Ch7: Special Accommodations I like the plot it could use a little bit of refining I think but good
2010-03-11 23:00:15 The Plane Crash Pt.3 Appreciated that there reader but explain what you mean mis-jointed... are you saying that I'm connecting things that cannot be connected or did you mean dis-jointed and your having a hard time seeing how things connect? Though I'm pretty sure mis-jointed isn't really a word. I don't mind the criticism just be specific.
2010-03-20 01:11:52 The Plane Crash Pt.5 Thanks you all, it will be a bit before the next installment I'm afraid my cat destroyed my keyboard... Yes my Cat... He is a very anti technology cat... But I promise more to cum soon as I can hammer it out. Mostly the backspace and enter key are not working properly.
2010-03-20 18:22:54 The Plane Crash Pt.5 Sadly no Linux the cat has so far eaten the cables to 3 monitors 4 power supplies 10 mice and 6 keyboards...Linux isn't technology friendly oh and the I/O cable to my MP3. But he keeps off the Evil women so its all good.
2010-03-23 20:30:46 The Plane Crash Pt.5 You all will be happy to know that the next 4 chapters are validating and should be up in a few days