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2011-12-15 04:56:56 Slave Damn, very well done. I'm not normally one for slave stories but this certainly was thoroughly enjoying.
2011-12-26 23:59:19 3 Evil Sisters-Part 3 Personally, I'd say to hell with those who would rather leave the story ended soon. Let the story go as far as was planned (hopefully them 2 to 4 parts extra) then tie it with a bow, because stories like these make this site more than worth coming to.
2012-12-17 05:38:00 Twin Japanese Nieces Pt17 Dude, I am so sorry that you lost your family. I'm sure everyone knows the pain of losing a family member to a degree, but in the way you've lost them...

I believe you should leave your stories up, not for any carnal reason, but because I feel confident enough to say that you've put a lot of feeling in love in your writing, and besides from the sporadic moron in the comments section (which reminds me Anonymous reader
2012-12-17 01:13:59, go fuck yourself you insensitive prick), that it has touched other readers as well.