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2011-12-21 13:20:57 Sexual Summer Camp with Daughter's Mates[02] So shit that you do not even know how to write altogether in a single comments and have to SPAM? Tell you what. Why don't you go to the incest section and tell them it is so wrong to fuck each other too or go to the gay sextion and tell them it is wrong for guys to fuck each other too.

Hello shit, why are you even here in the first place? You may make constructive comments but you have NO FUCKING right to tell me who I gonna fuck? Is that your problem? Do you tell YOUR daughter who she gonna fuck too? Pls.. she is already old enough to know what she wanted.

You are so naive to think that this must be in the fiction section, just because you don't like it? How dumb...... Better for you to go back to your fairytales where you belong.....