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2012-01-06 06:11:46 The Billioaire Rapest - chapter 1 The only way to use genetic tracing is if the girls or him for that matter were ever registered. And the babies will be sold on the black market. Those type of people will not be interested in finding out who the actual parents are.
2012-01-06 06:36:33 Seek The Wolf in Thyself Keep writing... please
2012-10-22 07:28:47 Forced Family I usually just vote and not comment on stories. But this one I just have to say I enjoyed alot. I don't really have any ideas on how to continue, I'll leave that as an exercise for the author.
2012-10-28 11:38:16 A mother in law Dilemma Part One I enjoyed it emmensely. A little more work on the grammer is needed, but an exceptional read just the same.