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2012-01-02 10:38:30 Bad Man's Good Daughers Sorry for the Magen to Morgan error, but this is my first time writing.
2012-01-03 01:51:54 Bad Man's Good Daughers Ok I'm working on correcting the errors, be a few more days. Real life things taking alot of my time. Story line will be about the same with a little more added. I want to do more that just a spell check and fix the Megan/Morgan errors, you are worth it, I hope that you will like1.01 edit. Thanks for reading.
2012-02-12 15:21:33 Sara's Protective Dad part 1 corrected Hello, I know a few of you said had quite a few grammar errors. I do apologize for them. If you're talking about the ones that deal with Jewels, as in. (Jewels says.) I did that because Jewels is a singular noun referring to a single person. (Jewels are,) in this context I felt wrong just did not sound right to me. If I was mistaken again I apologize.
2012-02-16 16:43:45 Sara's Protective Dad Part 5 Sorry I miss typed the title it's part 6.
2012-02-29 00:33:36 Sara's Protective Dad part 9 Hope you have enjoyed my writing, if there is errors that's because this is not a copy of someone else's work, I have no proof reader other than myself. We all know we can miss our own mistakes, more than anyone else's. Hope you can forgive them, and try to enjoy what is it meant to be. Hard93
Ps. I'll post Part 8 edtited soon.