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2011-12-29 01:03:57 Home on Leave, Chapter 9 2St You have really got it going on, here. The guy complaining is probably a jarhead anyway. It's writers, like you, that encourage wanna bees like me to submit. I agree w/ Navy vet, but will take it one step further. There are numerous reasons that one does not ship out, as ordered. Car/bus/train/air plane mishaps. Which cause one to be laid up in a military hosp. soon to be followed by 30 - 90 days medical leave at home. There is also the possibility that our G.I. planned to stop off and say goodbye to his older sister. Might even have to rescue her from a beat down she rcvd from whatshisname.
Now, your hero is a lover not a fighter. So, in the process, you get what? a broken leg w/ pins, your sis is hopitalized, and both of you need extended healing time. Carol and Little Bit come to the rescue.
You don't ship, the girls get a place for all of you to lick your wounds and what ever else comes up. Just not stop. I,m thinking 20-30 chaps? A real fan.