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2012-07-08 05:11:39 Horney Single Mom Fucks Her Hot Babysitter thank you for being so twisted! True confession...I seduced my husband was in Iraq and I was so horney, she was so hot and sexy like Misty in this story, the ending took me by made my cunt cm so friggin hard
2012-07-08 05:14:06 Horney Single Mom Fucks Her Hot Babysitter luved it me and my sister rubed off reading it from her laptop together,we are incest lovers so the ending made us pop at the same kewl
2012-07-09 00:49:35 Horney Single Mom Fucks Her Hot Babysitter My apologies ladies and germs, I was stoned and thought the comments would be easily seen to be satirical. Some of the comments my stories get are so lame...I wanted to liven things up. Sorry for my stoner sense of humour.
2012-07-20 16:59:10 Blonde Mom Fucks Black Babysitter Pt. 1. the anonymous prick will be happy to hear that I need to stop contributing to this site due to serious health issues. At least I don't need to kick against the pricks anymore. xxx MB
2012-12-13 14:52:02 Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 2 How do you Make a good daddy, like me so hard with mom/daughter incest...I have a daughter the same age as the one in this story. She loves her mom very much. After reading this story, I spent some time watching the two of them cuddle while watching TV my little girl resting her head on my wife's crotch. I got so hard.

Later in bed i showed your story to my wife and she got so wet. We have never thought of our little girl in a sexual way before but my wife made me go through the dirty laundry for Amy's soiled bikini panties and made me stuff a dirty one up her cunt like the mom in your story. I have never seen my wife so excited. She came and came thanks to you.Keep this series cumming. Friendly Frank